Voter Wallet app


Voters in the 2016 Presidential election

Problem statement

How do we help voters gather unbiased facts and warn each other of misinformation?


Our team did quantitative and qualitative research, including user interviews. Using the information gathered, we created user personas who were most vulnerable to voter misinformation. Based on the information we gathered, we created four ideas we took to low-fidelity prototypes for testing. The top choice was Voter Wallet — a digital voter’s guide with information on local and national candidates, based on the user’s geolocation. The prototype shows an example of the MVP. It would have boilerplate contact and about pages. The main feature would be the candidate location functionality and candidate information. Each candidate would have their profile that lists their party, donations from lobbyists, voting record, and endorsements. The idea is that users can make good decisions if they have facts about a candidate that’s completely divorced from any editorial content.


The feedback from user testing led us to believe that Voter Wallet would be a good way to deliver trustworthy election information to at least two of our user personas. “…it would be a nice one-stop-shop for information” “Unbiased election information is key” “This would make it easier for the average citizen to stay informed.”

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Voter Wallet prototype